BlackBerry 10 N Series Keyboard Caught On Camera


BlackBerry 10 N Series Keyboard Caught On Camera

The real fans of the BlackBerry smartphones are not yet convinced of the new full touch generation of BlackBerry 10 smartphones developed by RIM, that’s why thre’s more likely for them to purchase a QWERTY BB10 model. A BlackBerry 10 OS-powered QWERTY smartphone has recently leaked, well, just a part of it.

In the blurry picture above you will be able to see the physical keyboard of a BlackBerry 10 smartphone belonging to the N Series line-up. You probably know that the first wave of new BlackBerry smartphones will be the L Series models, with full touch and high end specifications and the models belonging to N Series, with full QWERTY keyboards and mid-range technical specifications.

The first things that stroke me as unusual are those line that separate the keyboard rows a component so different to the keyboards belonging to the BlackBerry Bold 99xx models. The buttons layout is the same as of the previous BlackBerry keyboards, so nothing changed here.

I remind you that BlackBerry 10 OS will be launched in late January 2013, of course, unless there are some delays and the expectations are positive. The analysts, RIM CEO and us, we all are optimistic about the new platform, of course, judging by what the Canadians have let us see so far.

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