Apple To Launch $200 Unlocked iPhone In 2014


Apple To Launch $200 Unlocked iPhone In 2014

There were some voices saying that we might soon see Windows Phone smartphones with affordable price tags and without contract hitting the stores. It seems though that the announcement of Google Nexus 4 has inspired a lot of companies, and rumor has it that Apple is one of them.

There are sources indicating that the Cupertino-based giant might develop and launch a $200 unlocked iPhone in 2014. Analyst Gene Munster is the one responsible for the rumors and he justifies his statement by saying that Apple has a desire of conquering the emergent markets, too.

In the emergent countries, the minimum price of the iPhone is to high for the regular customer. So far, Apple did a great job on the smartphone market without turning its attention to this pubic segment, but if the Cupertino phone maker wants to stop Samsung’s momentum, it will have to make some concessions.

With a move like this Apple would lose some of its fans and the premium label of its products, and a measure like this would be interpreted as desperate.

Personally, I don’t see Apple launching a smartphone this cheap. Just look what the company did with the iPad Mini. The 7.8-inch tablet was seen as a competitor against Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD, bot with starting prices of $199, while the cheapest iPad Mini has a price of $329.

For the customers that can’t afford the latest iPhone apparitions, Apple still sells previous models, which receive cut off prices each time a new model is launched.

What do you think, will Apple launch a $200 iPhone in 2014?

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