Google Maps For iOS Is Almost Ready, Will Apple Approve It In iTunes Store?


Google Maps For iOS Is Almost Ready, Will Apple Approve It In iTunes Store?

Despite the rumors saying that Apple will not approve it in App Store, Google is testing its own Maps solution for iOS and reports are indicating that the app is in the final stage of development. The journalists at Wall Street Journal write that “Google has been putting the finishing touches on the app before submitting it for approval to the Apple iTunes store.” I have a hunch that the procedure will be long, difficult and that it will end up as a fail.

Apple Maps is now the official mapping solution for iOS 6 and, despite its problems, Apple sees it as the main option for the maps area. The iOS users were pleased with what Google Maps had to offer, while the Apple version received numerous negative reviews, especially because parts of the maps are missing, some of them are black and white, there aren’t many points of interest around, and the maps take to long to load. Google Maps for iOS will come with turn by turn navigation, just like the Android version.

The rumor comes a couple of days after Nokia announced it created its own maps application for iOS, called Here Maps. It seems that the Nokia mapping solution will become available in iTunes Store in a couple of weeks.

Apple Maps for iOS has been mocked almost everywhere on the web, with numerous jokes, memes, and acid reviews, but, eventually, Tim Cook and the Cupertino-based company’s officials have officially apologized for this “hurried” product. Apple Maps’ only strength is the 3D Flyover view which looks great, of course in the areas where it is available.

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