iPhone 5S Production To Debut In December, Release Date Might Be Early 2013


iPhone 5S Production To Debut In December, Release Date Might Be Early 2013

Have you purchased the iPhone 5 yet, or you are on the verge of buying one? If your answer is yes, then I will will have to tell you that Apple might kick off the production of the first wave of iPhone 5S terminals in December, followed by the volume production stage in early 2013.

Rumor has it that Apple plans to produce between 50 and 100 thousand iPhone 5S units in December. It seems that the Cupertino-based company has taken this decision because they want to avoid having the same production rates as they had with iPhone 5, therefore the certification processes of the upgraded iPhone 5S pars has been accelerated.

To be honest, I am pretty surprised by these rumors, especially that iPhone 5 is available on the market for less than 3 months and it became a popular product in most of the countries where it hit the stores shelves.

It’s true that Apple has some problems when it comes to producing enough iPhone 5 units, but I don’t think we will see the iPhone 5S in flesh sooner than September 2013, especially that Apple also has to work on the development of iOS 7.

My opinion is that the rumors are not accurate, and I strongly believe that Apple will only test the production process of the iPhone 5S, and we will probably get to see some leaked pictures of the smartphone, but the release date will most likely be scheduled for fall 2013.

Some other sources are saying that Apple is also preparing to refresh some of its tablets, but we don’t know yet what model. My guess is that the Cupertino-based company will fit a higher resolution display on the current iPad Mini, as the 7.9-inch tablet has received negative reviews because of the quality of the screen.

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