Nokia Lumia 920 Available In UK At T-Mobile And Orange


Nokia Lumia 920 Available In UK At T-Mobile And Orange

It seems that Nokia Lumia 920 is now available on the European market, too, after it debuted last week in The United States. The Windows Phone 8-powered smartphone with PureView camera was spotted Great Britain-based stores, at T-Mobile and Orange. This might be a clue that other Europeans will get their hands on the WP8 smartphone, soon.

For the time being, Nokia Lumia 920 is currently available in black and “electric yellow” liveries and it is promoted with a massive campaign. We are talking about Nokia’s flagship smartphone running on Windows Phone 8, thus if you are reading this from Europe expect a to see a lot of Lumia 920 commercials.

Besides the amazing camera that packs an 8.7 megapixel sensor with PureView technology, Nokia Lumia 920 also comes with a 4.5-inch PureMotion HD+ display, that can also be controlled with your gloves on. Moreover, you will get wireless charging, as the Nokia Windows Phone 8 flagship smartphone has a special panel integrated on the back and you can recharge it using the wireless dock station.

The guys at have payed a visit to some of the British stores that retail the Nokia Lumia 920 and got a hands-on experience. First impressions? The display is highly responsive, it has great brightness, but there are some problems about the employees selling the device. journalists reported that when they asked about the device, the employees didn’t know how to emphasis the smartphone’s strengths, probably because of the lack of training. When you start selling a new smartphone, a smartphone that might be Nokia’s last hope for the market, we’d expect the carriers to train their employees accordingly.

Let’s hope that Nokia will manage to turn their faith with the Lumia 920 and the new Windows Phone 8 line-up, and become again one of the biggest players of the smartphone market.

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