iPhone 5 and iOS 6 Jailbreak to Come Slower


iPhone 5 and iOS 6 Jailbreak to Come Slower

Are you one of the many folks who are desperately waiting for a jailbreak solution for their iOS 6 powered device? I’m afraid there are no good news for you as it may take a while. OK, but how much does ” a while mean” ? Nobody has a clue…

As many of you well know, the jailbreaking process is considered legal in the US, despite the huge efforts Apple made to keep then make jailbreaking illegal again. More than one month has gone by since the official release of the iOS 6 final version and obviously all the jailbreak community has started working for a viable jailbreak solution. Despite all the efforts , currently there is no stable nor reliable jailbreak solution for the new iOS 6. Some progress has been made however and hackers like Grand Paul have reported to successfully jailbreak their iOS 6 powered iPhone 5 device. His method is somehow very questionable though, as the process couldn’t be repeated by similar jailbreak enthusiasts.

For those of you who are not up to date with the latest jailbreak news, the iPhone Dev-Team have also released a new version of Redsn0w that is capable of performing a iOS 6 tethered jailbreak. Great news, right? I’m afraid not, as the solution only works for older chips like the A4, meaning that you can only use it to gain root access for your iPhone 4 or older models.

So, are we one step away from a reliable and “official” iOS 6 jailbreak solution? I won’t bet this is true and many of you would ask me why exactly. Fair enough  Here are some drawbacks that any jailbreak developer has to overcome in order to brake “Apple’s code” and ultimately make some progress.

1. Jailbreaking takes brains.

And lots of them! In simple words a jailbreak is nothing but the process of overwriting some values in the phone memory. In order to gain access and be able to overwrite these values the hacker must find a vulnerability. Even if you are not a rocket scientist you figured out that Apple spends enormous sums develop firmware versions that are vulnerability free. In simple terms, the common hacker must outsmart Apple resources. It is just the epic battle between David and Goliath and this is not all, have I mentioned that one vulnerability is not enough sometime? Frequently various vulnerabilities must be linked together in order to develop a jailbreak.

2. Finding vulnerabilities is time consuming.

Discovering, not to mention exploiting vulnerabilities is a very time consuming process. The most reliable example here is the release of the Absinthe 2.0 (method able to jailbreak the A5 chips that power the iPhone 4S and iPad2), that emerged after 10 moths of grueling work and effort.

3. Making the jailbreak website-based is extremely hard.

The notorious jailbreak ace, Comex is not known just for his superb work with the iPhone and iOS. Comex is a very popular figure in the jailbreak community especially because he offers Apple enthusiasts a rather novel approach to jailbreaking their devices using an USB cable. His website, www.Jailbreak.me frees your device after a single visit.

4. Apple patches each vulnerability with an update ASAP.

Did you think that all Apple updates are aimed at better user experience? Think again…

5. The exploit discovered by Mark Down and Tarjei Mandt is not enough.

Earlier this month, two security researchers discovered a kernel exploit that opened them the possibility to install Cydia on a brand new iPhone 5. They later concluded that this exploit alone is simply not enough in order to develop a working iOS 6 jailbreak solution and other vulnerabilities must be chained with this one in order to crack the iOS 6.

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