Microsoft Readying Xbox Surface, A Gaming Tablet


Microsoft Readying Xbox Surface, A Gaming Tablet

With only a few hours ahead of the official Microsoft Surface announcement, back in June 2012, rumors and the technical specifications of an alleged Xbox tablet leaked online. Apparently, the next-gen Xbox console will be a tablet, or might involve a tablet paired with a station, in the style of Wii U. But let’s have a look at the latest rumors about the Xbox tablet.

Even though Microsoft denied the rumors, the tech publications are suggesting that the Redmond-based company is currently working on a gaming terminal with a 7-inch display and a design influenced by Microsoft Surface. It seems that Microsoft haven’t chosen the processor for the Xbox tablet yet. For the time being there are two options for Microsoft: a proprietary chipset based on the ARM technology, or an Intel SoC. But the creators of Windows might also wait a bit more and see what the next-gen of processors will perform like.

Keep in mind that the new Xbox tablet will be focused on Gaming, but, of course, it will also come with web communication and social networking options, plus web browsing via Internet Explorer 10.

Rumor has it that Xbox 720 Tablet will pack a 7-inch multitouch display with a resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels, Bluetooth, WiFi and a 2.4 GHz connection between the tablet and the new console. It will come with 5 GB of RAM, plus an AMD GPU on 28 nm with 1.2 GB of GDDR5 and a 250 GB HDD and 10,000 RPM.

Regarding the software platform of the Xbox tablet, it seems that it will not run on Windows 8 or Windows RT, but a custom OS based on Linux. It seems that the same company that developed the design and the hardware platform of the Microsoft Surface tablet will make the Xbox tablet, as well, and we are waiting to see it getting integration with Windows Phone smartphones and Windows 8 terminals via Smart Glass.

All we have to do now is wait for a price and an official confirmation. If the Xbox tablet is real, I am eager to see Sony’s response coming from PlayStation’s direction.

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