Windows Phone 8 Officially Launched, Packs Kids Corner, DataSense And New Games And Apps


Windows Phone 8 Officially Launched, Packs Kids Corner, DataSense And New Games And Apps

If Google chose to present its new products without an official press conference, after the event was cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy, Microsoft has hosted a launch event and officially unveiled Windows Phone 8. You should know that the first Windows Phone 8 smartphones will hit the US stores this weekend, followed by an European launch, soon.

We are talking about Samsung ATIV Odyssey, HTC 8X, and AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 822, the later one retailed exclusively by Verizon. For those asking, Odyssey is the US variant of Samsung ATIV S, while Lumia 822 is the Verizon variant of Lumia 820. Microsoft also announced the new Rooms service, that will be part of People Hub in Windows Phone 8. Rooms will pack a messaging thread that will include a calendar and an area where your friends will be able to post private photos. Basically a private chat room for your beloved ones.

At the same Windows Phone event, Microsoft also presented the DataSense feature, a system incorporated in Windows Phone 8 that compresses the webpages you are browsing. Courtesy of DataSense you will be able to benefit from 45% more web browsing compared to other terminals on the same data plan. The feature also comes with a LiveTile, that displays how much data you used and estimates when you will reach the limit.

Another interesting moment of the Windows Phone 8 launch event was when Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore brought some kids on the stage in order to present the Kids Corner service. Kids Corner was specially designed for the parents and allows them to block their children form using certain apps. The feature is activated from lockscreen with a swype and the parents can lock web pages, videos and music. Jessica Alba was on the stage for the¬†announcement, one of the sexiest mothers in the world.

New Facebook and Twitter apps will be available in Windows Phone Store, plus many other new apps from a new Skype and Pandora, to the new Angry Birds Star Wars that will be available as of November. Windows Phone 8 will also receive some applications that so far were exclusively available for Android and iOS.

Microsoft also added an automatic photo upload feature for the Windows Phone 8 camera app. The pictures are automatically uploaded in the user’s SkyDrive account.

Summing up, Windows Phone 8 is set to become a competitive rival for Android and iOS and all we can do now is wait and get our hands on the first smartphones powered by Microsoft’s mobile operating system and see if they are true candidates for the smartphone of the year award.

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