Microsoft Introduces Skype For Windows 8


Microsoft Introduces Skype For Windows 8

Skype is the application that become popular because of the high-quality of the internet voice-over calls. Since the debut of Skype, the app evolved substantially and now you can make video calls at full HD resolutions. After the company was acquired by Microsoft software giant, many of the users feared that it will become another failure next to Live Messenger, the service that received the Redmond-based company’s full support, but, for some reason it din’t mange to attract the users.

The Skype team announces that a new version of their application will be optimized and launched as soon as the new Windows 8 operating system will be released. The new Skype will be compatible with the PCs and the smartphones running on Microsoft’s mobile platform. The official presentation video lets us understand that the new Skype is developed using the modern style promoted by Windows 8, characterized by a simple, smooth and user friendly user interface.

Moreover, the screenshots you can see in the gallery below are a reminiscent of the Windows Phone UI, with tiles for favorite contacts and other friends in your list. Skype integrates People app, your cloud contacts list which allows sharing the contacts with more Windows terminals where you signed in to.

We’ll wait and see whether the devoted users will appreciate the new interface, in full screen or if they will complain about the lack of windows for each conversation, windows that could be moved at a place of your choice on the desktop. In pure Windows 8 style, Skype can share the screen with other two applications by adding them to the edges of the screen.

The new Skype promised to bring notifications in the Windows 8 start screen and, very important for the mobile devices, not to eat your battery when running in background. There’s no mentioning about data traffic, an aspect that is important for those who use cellular internet, but Microsoft probably worked on this feature, as well.

Now all we can do is wait the official Windows 8 launch event on October 26th. In the video below you can see the main features of Skype for Windows 8.

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