Nokia Lumia 510 With Windows Phone 7.5 Announced, Price Is €150


Nokia Lumia 510 With Windows Phone 7.5 Announced, Price Is €150

Nokia Lumia 510 is the cheapest Windows Phone-powered smartphone so far, and, as you already guessed, it’s the successor of Lumia 610, but it proposes a bigger display and similar technical specifications.

The high-end Nokia smartphones belonging to the Lumia line-up were criticized for the high price compared to other high-end devices like Samsung Galaxy S3 or HTC One X, while some suggested they can’t battle against the mid-end Android smartphones with technical specs similar to those of Lumia 920 and Lumia 820.

Nokia Lumia 510 comes to cover the affordable smartphones segment, but the Finnish recipe contains a relatively modest hardware platform.

Lumia 510 comes with a 4-inch display with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels and TFT technology. Even though you can’t complain about the resolution the quality of the TFT displays is questionable. The Nokia smartphone comes equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon S1 CPU clocked at 800 MHz, 3D Graphics HW GPU, 256 MB of RAM and 4 GB of internal storage, which, unfortunately, can’t be expanded using microSD cards, but it comes with 7 GB of free SkyDrive storage.

You won’t find Android smartphones with a hardware platform like this, but you are probably aware that Windows Phone is capable of running fluently on terminals with modes technical specifications. Besides, the hardware platform used for Nokia Lumia 510 is almost identical to the one of Lumia 610, except for the display and the internal storage.

The connectivity features fit into the mid-end segment and include 3G connections with download speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps, WiFi b/g/n, plus Bluetooth 2.1 and microUSB 2.0.

The Lumia 510 comes with a 5 megapixel camera on the back that boasts autofocus, geo-tagging and face detection, but no LED Flash. The camera is capable of recording VGA videos at 30 fps, while the front-facing camera usually used for video calls is nowhere to be found.

Nokia Lumia 510 leaves the factory gates with Windows Phone 7.5 on board. Even though it isn’t upgradable to the new Windows Phone 8, the operating system that will be officially launched later this month, the users will be able to upgrade their devices to Windows Phone 7.8, which brings new looks for the start screen.

Nokia Lumia 510 will hit the stores in India and China sometime in November, and soon after it will make a cameo in certain countries in Asia – Pacific and South America regions.

Nokia haven’t announced whether the smartphone will become available on the European or US markets. I’m not certain about North America, but the Europeans will definitely be able to enjoy this smartphone, most likely sometime near the Christmas Holidays. The Finland-based company have set a price of 150 Euros, about 200 USD.

The launch of Nokia Lumia 510 will be a breath of fresh air for the Windows Phone cheap smartphones family. Basically, it’s main rial will be Nokia Lumia 610, while Samsung’s offer only includes the Omnia M model, as Omnia W is no longer available. HTC no longer has cheap WP 7.5 smartphones in its line-up, while LG officially announced it will not unveil any smartphones running on Microsoft’s mobile operating system.

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