Microsoft Office 2013 Reached RTM, Release Date Is Q1 2013


Microsoft Office 2013 Reached RTM, Release Date Is Q1 2013

Office 15 or Office 2013 is by far the most ambitious office suite created by Microsoft, looking far ahead of the concepts presented in the previous versions.

Three months after the 2013 version of the popular Microsoft Office suite was officially introduced, the Redmond-based company announced that the product was finalized and reached RTM (Release to Manufacturing), therefore it will soon be made available for the company’s partners.

The Preview version is available since July, but after Office 2013 reached RTM more features were added and received integration with the new touch environment in Windows 8. When we’ll be able to enjoy all these goodies? This is another story.

Microsoft just announced that Office 2013 RTM will soon be sent to OEMs. The new Office 15 will be available for MSDN and TechNet subscribers mid November. Unfortunately, the regular users will have to wait a lot more until they get their hands on the new Office suite developed by Microsoft. The software giant announced on MS Office official blog that it will be made available for purchase in the first quarter of 2013.

Office 2013 is the first version of the Microsoft suite that will be available both as a standard package and as a Office 365 subscription.

Optimized for the touchscreen devices, Office 2013 is the perfect tool for the users that are using the cloud computing services. Even though the changes operated to apps like Outlook are more than obvious, it’s also interesting how the new Microsoft Office version is trying to distance itself from the user interface elements we all knew for Office 2007 or Office 2010.

Microsoft Office 2013 will also be available for the Windows RT platform, but we are talking about a suite that will not come with all the features of the x86 versions. Office 2013 will come pre-loaded on the Windows RT devices, but it will still be a preview version that will be updated to the final code syncronized with the debut of the x86 version for home users, Q1 2013.

In case you will be among the first lucky users of the new Windows RT tablets it worth knowing that Office 2013 will be the best option for any of your Windows-powered devices.

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