Windows Phone 8 Pre-orders To Debut On October 21st


Windows Phone 8 Pre-orders To Debut On October 21st

Sources are indicating that the fans of Microsoft’s mobile operating system living in US will be able to get their hands on a smartphone with Windows Phone 8 on board later this month. The pre-orders will reportedly begin on October 21st, for models like Nokia Lumia 820, Lumia 920, HTC Windows Phone 8X, HTC Windows Phone 8S and Samsung ATIV S.

The debut will be centered to carriers’ retail chains, with AT&T on song, the mobile network operator that will exclusively sell the Nokia Lumia 920 on US territory. The same carrier will also retail Windows 8 tablets, products that will also debut late October.

As we are getting closer to the debut of the first Windows Phone 8 models, we are realizing that this moment will be a turning point for Nokia. While HTC and Samsung have solid products with Android and Windows Phone 8 is rather a secondary market for them, Nokia is putting all its hopes in Microsoft’s platform.

Lumia 920 is the Finland-based company’s flagship model, a pretty thick and massive terminal that brings an astonishing display, that outscored the iPhone 5′s screen in tests. The PureView camera might also be a major selling point, with fantastic captures in low light conditions and excellent video recording thanks to the optical image stabilization.

Lumia 800 was popular for its good bitrate during video recording and I hope that we will surprised again. The aforementioned models will probably hit other markets sometime mid November.

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