Apple Orders 10M iPad Mini Units, Release Date Is Q4


Apple Orders 10M iPad Mini Units, Release Date Is Q4

The iPad Mini was expected to be announced at Apple’s event. however, this year’s event ended and no words were said about the new tablet. This fact didn’t make the rumors about the iPad Mini to disappear, on the contrary, more and more surface the web, some┬ábelievable, some not. The news has not been confirmed, but some sources say that Apple is going to organize a second event to announce the mini tablet.

The most recent rumors say that Apple has already made and order of about 10 million iPad Minis to be available for Q4 of 2012. It’s an impressive number, twice the number of Amazon’s Kindle Fire orders. Sources say that the company will announce the iPad Mini this very week in order to rival other low-cost tablets such as Amazon’s Kindle fire, the Google Nexus 7 and Nook Tablet.

It seems like the competitive priced tablets have some kind of standard screen size, the iPad Mini as well, will reportedly feature a 7.85-inch display having a resolution of 1024×768 pixels. The tablet will sport the same chip as the one on the iPhone 5, meaning the A6 chip. Also, the case will be made of aluminum.

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