iPad Mini Will Be WiFi-only, Say Reports


iPad Mini Will Be WiFi-only, Say Reports

According to some industry sources cited by the Guardian, the highly expected iPad Mini will only feature Wi-Fi connectivity, although the UK customers will be provided with a revised edition including 4G connectivity in order to be compatible with Everything Everywhere network present in the United Kingdom. It seems like Apple’s revised model will sport the new “Lighting” connector.

It’s been a few months since rumors about Apple developing a low-priced tablet to compete with the Google Nexus 7 and Amazon’s Kindle fire. The tablet is reportedly called iPad Mini and it’s, in fact, a smaller version of the 9.7-inch iPad, having a 7.8-inch display (size similar to the above mentioned competitors).

Most sources believe that Apple won’t wait much longer to announce the new iPad Mini and the retailers expect that the new device would arrive sometime in November 2012. Knomo, a company that usually makes cases for Apple, has mentioned that it would take only a few days to have the iPad Mini cases ready, though an official invitation for the launch has been sent so far.

A few hours ago, an Australian writer named Sonny Dickson posted on Twitter some photos of what he thinks is the iPad Mini. The photos reveal a device considerably smaller than the iPad, featuring a Lightning connector. The new connector has 8 pins is compatible with the “ancient” connectors used on iPods, iPhones and iPads for several years. This connector has been introduced with the iPhone 5.

The industry sources say that they doubt that the new iPad Mini will have a 3G-capable version. This could be true because it would permit Apple to produce a cheaper device and sell it at a smaller top price and retain mobile broadband connectivity for the standard and more expensive iPad.

Apple is also expected to freshen the iPad line just like the company did with the iPhone 5, which features 4G connectivity and also 3G starting next September. The iPads would have altered versions using the same 4G chip and the new connector.

If the sources are right and Apple would implement the Lighting connector on all its products, this would mean a huge deal for the accessory makers that would make billions out of the Lighting-compatible devices.

Some analysts believe that if the iPad Mini would be released at the beginning of November, the company would manage to sell an impressive number of 10┬ámillion units which would be outstanding even for a powerful brand like Apple. The analysts think that an important factor will be the price of the device. The Kindle Fire and the Nexus 7 have about the same price tags at around $200 in the United States. Taking this fact into consideration, Apple cannot sell the base model of the iPad Mini above $250 as it would damage its selling chance. Even though Apple’s policy is to sell its products above the price of the competition because the brand is very appealing among customers, it cannot go over a certain price limit.

Since the first iPad was launched in 2010, Apple remained on top when it comes to sales, and it still manages to stay there. However, other companies like Amazon, Samsung and Google have come with a new strategy by developing tablets at competitive prices. The strategy works very well and the tablet makers will surely continue on this path. But the three companies will no longer be alone on this road as it’s almost clear that Apple will soon announce it’s 7-incher.

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