Firefox 16 Is Now Available For Download


Firefox 16 Is Now Available For Download

Less than two weeks since Firefox 15 was launched, Mozilla makes the a new version, Firefox 16. The latest version of the popular we browser now includes compatibility with web applications and a new toolbar for the developers/

Mozilla Firefox 16 also promises performance improvements, faster responses to the keyboard and mouse actions, next to animations and games with better graphics. The web applications are available for the desktop versions of the Firefox 16 web browser. Now it’s up to the developers to get to work and create new apps for Firefox 16.

Firefox, the popular web browser developed by Mozilla is now at version 16, optimized to bring improved performance and better memory resources management.

Firefox 16 includes a new system that manages the memory resources that was called garbage collector. Seen as a major update for the Firefox web browser, the new feature promises to considerably improve the app’s reaction times and reduce the RAM consumption in the same time.

Another novelty for Firefox 16 is the introduction of the preliminary support for using web apps. Already available for the Google Chrome users, the web apps are extending the functionality of the web browser and offers direct access to various online services, like Youtube, or online games.

The list of Firefox 16 changes also covers some bug fixes, next to some technical changes, like the garbage collector system that also improves the performance of the JavaScript engine.

While the app developers can open the new Firefox 16 toolbar using Shift + F12 shortcut, regular users can try the new web apps that are available in Mozilla Labs.

Mozilla Firefox 16 brings compatibility with VoiceOver in Mac OS X, and synchronized with the desktop version, the Android users will be able to update the Firefox browser to a new version, too.

You can download Firefox 16 from Mozilla’s official website here.

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