HP Plans To Hire More Than 50 Developers For webOS


HP Plans To Hire More Than 50 Developers For webOS

HP is not giving up on webOS and wants to create a big community around its open source mobile platform.

You probably know that webOS was adopted by HP after the company acquired Palm, but the Americans weren’t able to withstand powerful competitors like iOS and Android. The HP TouchPad tablet was the definition of a fiasco and the Palo Alto-based giant decided to quit developing products running on webOS. The HP tablets announced a few weeks ago will be underpinned by Microsoft’s Windows 8.

But the American company is still hoping and decided to search for and hire more than 50 developers who will have to work in the headquarters located in Shanghai or Sunnyvale, CA. HP is trying to lure as much devs as possible, get them to test webOS, see what the platform becomes and how the public reacts. Then the company’s officials will decided whether it’s worthwhile launching new webOS products.

I doesn’t take a genius to realize that webOS is way behind Android, iOS or Windows Phone 8. On the one hand Google, Apple and Microsoft injected a lot of money in R&T. On the other hand all three platforms have the support of hackers and developers from all over the world.

HP is probably afraid to have a second attempt on the smartphone and tablet market, and the company doesn’t even announced a concrete approach at this point. Big names of the industry are having a hard time to stay competitive, and I’m thinking at names like Nokia, RIM and HTC. HP has no other alternative than innovate and approach various niches or stay away from the smartphone and tablet segment for ever. There’s no middle way for them.

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