Nokia To Launch A Windows RT-powered Tablet?


Nokia To Launch A Windows RT-powered Tablet?

Even though the first generation of Windows Phone models didn’t became popular overnight, the Finns at Nokia seem to be faithful to their partnership with Microsoft.

Therefore, according to a piece of information coming form WMPoweruser, Nokia is working on a tablet that will run on Microsfot’s Windows RT, the Windows 8 version developed for the terminals based on processors manufactured using ARM architecture.

Rumor has it that the Nokia Windows RT tablet is already used by Microsoft to test the Windows RT app store, and that the officials of the software giant have already sent it to their partners to help them test the apps.

Stephen Elop, Nokia CEO, never denied the rumors saying that the company he works for is working on a tablet. Moreover, he said several times that he is closely watching this market.

Nokia’s debut on the tablet market might be a risky move for the Finland-based company, especially that the other Windows 8 OEMs might retail their tablets running on Microsoft’s mobile platform for prices starting at $200 or $300.

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