Microsoft To Launch In-House Windows Phone 8 Smartphone In Early 2013?


Microsoft To Launch In-House Windows Phone 8 Smartphone In Early 2013?

We’ve heard this rumors about an Windows Phone 8 smartphone developed by Microsoft in-house before, but now the speculations are back. Some tech publications even said that the in-house Microsoft WP8 smartphone will be announced at the end of this month, at the special event where Windows 8, Windows RT and Windows Phone 8 will be officially launched. Personally, I doubt it.

Now imagine a good looking Microsoft smartphone, running on Windows Phone 8 and cheaper than the Nokia Lumia 920. The OMEs’ sales would drop, just like Microsoft Surface will probably affect the sales of other companies making Windows 8 tablets.

Microsoft already upset Acer after the Surface tablet was officially unfilled, and I don’t believe that the Redmond-based company would want to end its partnership deal with Nokia. Well, unless the Microsoft Windows Phone 8 smartphone is developed by the guys at Nokia themselves.

You should know that the software giant with its headquarter in Redmond had a previous attempt to penetrate the smartphone market in 2010, with two models dubbed Kin. Both of them failed lamentably and many of you probably never heard of them. In US Kim One and Kim Two were sold exclusively at Verizon, were overpriced and had no App Market. Much like a feature phone aspiring to be a smartphone.

Anyway, BGR’s sources are saying that Microsoft will launch its own Windows Phone 8 smartphone in early 2013, hoping that to attract the customers that haven’t bought a Samsung ATIV S, HTC 8 X, or Nokia Lumia 920.

Personally, I’m expecting a Surface Phone with magnesium casing, an elegant design and high-end specifications, probably a quad-core processor. What are your expectations form a Microsoft in-house Windows Phone 8 smartphone?

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