Google Chrome 22 Now Available For Download


Google Chrome 22 Now Available For Download

The latest stable version of Google’s web browser, Chrome 22, is now available for download. Once you download Chrome 22 you will get 24 bug fixes, better 3D gaming functionality and improvements for Windows 8 and Retina Display Macs.

The new Google Chrome 22 includes Mouse Lock API in Javascript feature, which improves the mouse’s performance in 3D games. The mouse will move in a more natural way inside the 3D apps to modify the in-game perspective, according to GoogleChromeReleases official blog. Therefore the First Person Shooter enthusiasts will be able to play certain titles directly from the web browser, without installing a third-party app on their hard disks.

Courtesy of the new technology, the games started in the Google Chrome 22 tabs are displayed in a maximized window, bringing an experience close to a traditional PC game. You should also know that in order to have the Mouse Lock feature work properly, your PC must have only a single monitor connected, because when the mouse cursor moves to the second display you may lose control in your game.

Besides gaming, the Google Chrome 22′s new skills can be used for medical apps, viewing scientific simulations, and various types of web applications that work in a 3D environment.

Google Chrome 22 also introduces new technologies like Web GL, Web Audio, WebSockets, Full Screen support and gamepad control. All these features contribute to a richer multimedia experience and to building a much more solid platform that runs 3D games directly from the web browser.

Chrome 22, a version that also includes several bug fixes, is already available for download, less than 3 months away from the previous version, Chrome 21, which debuted on July 31st.

Chrome 22 includes optimizations for Windows 8 and improvements for the Apple machines with Retina Display, too.

You can download Chrome 22 from the official web page, here.

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