RIM Working On Entry-level BlackBerry 10 OS Smartphones, The R-series


RIM Working On Entry-level BlackBerry 10 OS Smartphones, The R-series

It looks like there is going to be a busy 2013 for RIM. The smartphones belonging to the L-series range are supposed to debut early 2013, with BlackBerry 10 OS on board, dual-core processors and high-end technical specifications.

With the new full touch BB 10 OS smartphones, RIM aims at the Android armada, iPhone and the new terminals running on Windows phone 8. There’s a lot of rivalry on the smartphone segment, thus, in order for their product line-up to be complete, the Canada-based company will have to build competitive smartphones in order to withstand a chance. Rumor has it that the first BlackBerry 10 OS smartphones will hit the market in Q1 2013.

Still the tech publications are gossiping about a new series from RIM, for the BlackBerry brand – R-series, entry-level smartphones with BB10 on board. There’s no sign of leaked hardware specifications, but they could be the Curve equivalent of the present range.

The low-end devices will debut a bit latter than the L-series, sources indicating a launch date around May 2013. Even so, you should take all these rumors with a pinch of salt. RIM is struggling financially, while L-series and BlackBerry 10 OS were waited in 2012 and were delayed.

I don’t see why RIM would delay them a second time. The Canadians have posted disastrous financial reports for the last two quarters and they have lost the battle against Android and iOS smartphones which stole the business segment from RIM. Still, we will probably get to see more leaked details and specifications regarding L-series and R-series in the coming months.

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