Huawei’s First Windows Phone 8 Smartphone Will Be Named Ascend W1


Huawei’s First Windows Phone 8 Smartphone Will Be Named Ascend W1

As you probably know, Huawei is on the list of Microsoft OEMs, therefore the China-based smartphone maker will be among the first┬ácompanies┬áto launch Windows Phone 8 terminals. Until now Nokia, Samsung, and HTC were the first to reveal the new smartphones running on the latest version of Microsoft’s mobile operating system.

It seems though that we will find out all about the first Huawei smartphones running on Windows Phone 8 on September 25th.

The first rumors were pointing that the first Windows Phone 8-powered smartphone from Huawei will be named W1 and now sources close to the Chinese phone maker are confirming that this will be the name of the new terminal. They say that its price will be around $320. Now all we have to know is whether Ascend W1 will be a mid-range or high-end terminal running on WP8.

For the time being there are no low-end smartphones with Windows Phone 8 on board and Nokia Lumia 510 points that Windows Phone 7.x might be the software solution for the companies that want to build a budget smartphone running on Microsoft’s platform.

Huawei Asecend W1 with Windows Phone 8 on board will reportedly hit the European market two or three months now, before the end of 2012. Anyway, we will get all the details on September 25th. It’s obvious now that the Chinese phone makers are becoming some of the big players of the segment.

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