Samsung Galaxy S4 Spotted In Benchmarks, Sports Cortex A15 CPU


Samsung Galaxy S4 Spotted In Benchmarks, Sports Cortex A15 CPU

Samsung Galaxy S4 was on everyone’s lips at the beginning of the week, when sources indicated that the terminal will make its debut at Mobile World Congress, in February 2013. Then Samsung released an official press statement, denying the speculations, saying that the existence of new smartphone is just a gossip subject.

But today, Samsung Galaxy S4 made the headlines again, as the guys at Androidandme have spotted it in Rightware benchmark logs.

The Rightware benchmarks are mentioning a so-called Samsung TE4, sporting a processor that is reportedly based on the new ARM Cortex A15 architecture, a technology that will most likely be used for the successor of Samsung Galaxy S3. The same screenshot indicates that the alleged Samsung Galaxy S3 will come with a 1,280 x 752 pixels display, and CPU clocked at 1.7 GHz based on two Cortex A15 cores and the new Mali T604 GPU, you can see in action in the video below.

The next-generation Samsung flagship smartphone will most likely boast the new Exynos 5 SoC, officially introduced by the South Korea-based phone maker a couple of months ago.

Even though there’s no mention about the size of the display, the South Koreans will probably stick to the current dimension (4.8 inches diagonally) or introduce a 5-inch touch panel on a edge-to-edge design. The device might come with 2 GB of RAM and will probably come pre-loaded with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with a promised upgrade to Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie.

The video below will give you an idea about the Mali T604 GPU underpinning a game on an Android tablet, and it’s the first time when you can’t see the pixels on a tablet game.

We’ll consider this piece of news the first Samsung Galaxy S4 leak, even though we might be surprised to hear that its a new Galaxy Nexus, who knows? Now all we can do is wait and see the first blurry picture of the terminal.

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