ZTE Planning A Firefox OS-powered Smartphone For The Next Months


ZTE Planning A Firefox OS-powered Smartphone For The Next Months

ZTE world’s fifth smartphone vendor after Samsung, Apple, Nokia and LG, is an aggressive player of the market, which tries everything it’s interesting enough to bite off other’s market share.

The China-based phone maker is currently building smartphones based on Google’s and Microsoft’s operating system, the company didn’t hesitate when it came to develop terminals underpinned by Intel’s x86 Medfield platform, and, now, with the mobile operating system developed by Mozilla.

In an interview for Reutres, the ZTE spokesman said that the first terminal running on Firefox OS will debut sometime in late 2012 or early 2013, after the web browser giant officially launches its mobile platform. For the time being, the Chinese company has a portfolio mostly consisting of Android smartphones, while the Windows Phone 7 platform is used for the Tania model. ZTE also plans to introduce a new model with Windows Phone 8 on board.

But the company wants to broaden their portfolio, and Firefox OS was considered a platform with high potential, therefore ZTE signed a partnership deal with Mozilla. The result will be a brand new smartphone running on Firefox OS (previously known as Boot to Gecko), most likely a mid-range terminal.

Firefox OS is an operating system developed for mobile terminals that doesn’t want to bring a new platform developing applications, but just a new gateway towards the Web applications. Just like Android (back in the times when it was just a baby) or Chrome OS, Boot to Gecko will only provide a kernel, drivers and the hardware abstracting level (Gonk) required to start a HTML5 graphic environment (Gaia) and the environment for ruining the apps underpinning the Gecko rendering engine, plus a series of public Web APIs.

ZTE, next to Alcatel, is one of the first companies that announced its intentions to develop mobile terminals running on Firefox OS, which will probably become best-sellers on the emergent markets.

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