iPad Mini Pictures Leak, The 7.85-inch Tablet Is Already In Production


iPad Mini Pictures Leak, The 7.85-inch Tablet Is Already In Production

It seems that Apple is really planning to launch a smaller tablet after all, and all the tech publications are talking about the iPad Mini for a while now. You probably are aware of all the iPhone 5 leaks that ware initially considered just rumors, but almost all of them were confirmed at the iPhone 5 launch event from the display size, to resolution and LTE support. It looks like the Cupertino-based company is not capable anymore of keeping their products secret, like it happened when Steve Jobs was in charge.

Sources are reporting that the iPad Mini, sporting a 7.85-inch display as already entered production in the Pegatron factories in China. After almost all the technical specifications of the new iPhone 5 have were leaked ahead of the official launch, the piece of information regarding the iPad Mini production might be as well accurate.

The first units of the new Apple tablet will be ready by the end of September, but American company will probably wait until several million units are manufactured until the official announcement of the new iPad Mini, writes ZDNet.

Newspapers in Taiwan and China were reputed for providing details about the small iOS-powered tablet, but the news saying that the production has begun is a sign that we won’t have to wait too much until Tim Cook will officially confirm the new tablet.

It looks like Apple ordered 5 million iPad Mini units per month, and if the tablet is affordable, too, it might have a huge impact on the 7-inch tablet market, currently dominated by Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

In terms of design, the iPad Mini is a reminiscent of the latest generation of iPod Touch. The pictures in the gallery below reveal a smaller iPad, the Lightning port that debuted on the iPhone 5 and a camera on the back. The iPad Mini is expected to be introduced in October.

iPad Mini will be Apple’s response to affordable 7-inch tablets like Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus 7. Let’s see how expensive will be the new tablet, especially that Apple is know as a company that sells not-so-affordable products.

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