Full Touch Smartphone Running BlackBerry 10 OS Spotted


Full Touch Smartphone Running BlackBerry 10 OS Spotted

RIM is working hard to finish the development of a much better mobile operating system, dubbed BlackBerry 10 OS, created for smartphones with bigger touchscreen displays. The Canada-based company is popular for its full-QWERTY smartphones which were the perfect tolls in the business environment, for those who wanted speed when it came to texting and sending emails.

The best selling smartphones of the moment are full touch, with the likes of iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S3 among them, and RIM wants its BB 10 – the abbreviation for BlackBerry 10, expected to hit the market in Q1 2013 - to underpin a competitive smartphone, capable of fighting against the high-end Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8 smartphones.

We already know that a full touch BlackBerry smartphone is in the works, as leaked photos and details of BlackBerry London or BlackBerry L-series have hit the web over the past few months. Even though we were able to see some pictures of the next-gen BB 10 OS devices, we have no idea what hardware specifications the smartphone will have. Rumor has it that the new RIM flagship will sport a quad-core chipset, with a powerful GPU and at least 1 GB of RAM.

BlackBerry 10 OS should go pretty low when it comes to hardware resource consumption, therefore a quad-core processor is not mandatory. Well, not even the Android devices don’t need that much processing power.

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