Motorola RAZR i Launched, Boasts 2 GHz Intel Atom CPU And Edge-to-edge Display


Motorola RAZR i Launched, Boasts 2 GHz Intel Atom CPU And Edge-to-edge Display

Motorola’s partnership with Intel is finally showing up its first important result. The company has unveiled the first smartphone featuring an Intel processor, in London. The device has a classic Android operating system, but it comes with a significant internal change. The phone is called RAZR i and will be powered by Intel’s latest mobile 2GHz CPU. This is a big change if we compare it with the latest device released by Motorola a few weeks ago. The company claims that the RAZR i is the most important launch in the United Kingdom since the release of the original RAZR.

The Motorola RAZR i has a 4.3-inch AMOLED display, a 2000mAh battery and the old Kevlar case, with the difference that it’s water repellent now. The event, however, is not all about Motorola as Intel has the opportunity to promote its 2GHz processor inside. Intel claims that the new chip is designed for web browsing, particularly for activities that involve Java. The chipmaker also says that the processor won’t consume so much power, not even on intensive activities like playing games. Of course, companies always praise their products before they launch them, so we will have to wait until the smartphone is released in order to check it out.

The RAZR i features the same 8MP camera and interface, like on the other Motorola handsets. The camera is said to start-up in less than a second which is really great and I guess this is due to the dedicated camera button.

The RAZR i comes with NFC technology featuring Android Beam. Another good thing is that the bootloader arrives unlocked. When it comes to the operating system, the RAZR i will probably sport some iteration of Android 4, but it’s not clear which one of them, either the Ice Cream Sandwich or the Jelly Bean.

The smartphone will be launched in the UK, Germany, France and Brazil. According to the phone stock will arrive in October 1st having a SIM-free price of about $555. Until now, there is no news of it appearing in North America.

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