Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date Is February 2013, Claims Samsung Insider


Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date Is February 2013, Claims Samsung Insider

Now that the iPhone 5 was officially unveiled and that the rumors about the iPad Mini have taken a brake, we are starting to hear different things about the yet-unannounced Samsung Galaxy S4. No one knows for sure how it will look like, or what features will have, but an enthusiast took his time and rendered his own vision of Galaxy S4.

Rumor has it that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will debut at Mobile World Congress 2013, in February, according to The Korea Times publication, quoting sources inside the South Korean phone maker. The same source claims that the new Samsung flagship smartphone will hit the stores a month after the official announcement in Barcelona.

It seems that the new handset will sport a 5-inch display and that will come with a revised design, but as a whole, it will still be a rectangular smartphone with rounded corners.

The insider that provided the information about Samsung Galaxy S4, which will arrive 9 months after the previous generation, will be the true rival of the new iPhone 5, the first Apple smsartphone compatible with LTE networks. Samsung recently announced that less than three months after the official launch day, over 20 million Samsung Galaxy S3 units have been shipped.

Returning to Samsung Galaxy S4, it will reportedly pack 4G LTE support and it will come with a new generation of the Exynos chipset, most likely based on four ARM Cortex A15 cores.

The 5-inch display will probably use the OLED technology and I expect to see a major camera upgrade, among other. So, are you ready for the avalanche of Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors?

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