Microsoft Revamps Marketplace, Renames It Windows Phone Store


Microsoft Revamps Marketplace, Renames It Windows Phone Store

After a series of rumors indicating that the Windows Phone Marketplace will soon receive an upgrade, Microsoft has officially announced on Windows Team Blog that the company’s app store for mobile devices will be revamped.

From today on, the Windows Phone Market, the virtual store for the Windows Phone-powered smartphone owners , will be called Windows Phone Store. There are a lot of significant changes behind the new Microsoft store, besides the new name.

The app search feature of the new Windows Phone Store now uses services provided by Bing. This feature will be reflected in faster and more accurate search results. Moreover, the search function now provides suggestions and provide results even though you misspelled the query.

The lists of applications will also be improved in Windows Phone Store. Top Free and Top Paid, for example, categories that you will find in any other App Store, will be introduced as New and Rising. There will also be a section called Best Rated where you will find the most popular content based on the user reviews.

With all the details, Microsoft insists that the new branding will involve even more changes and that this is just the beginning of the transition. If you can’t see the difference between the old Marketplace and the new Store on your Windows Phone terminal, yet, it might be caused to the fact that the new version will be initially launched in Australia and New Zealand, while the rest of us will receive a couple of months from now.

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