iPhone 5 A Disappointment, So Don’t Pack Your Tents Just Yet


iPhone 5 A Disappointment, So Don’t Pack Your Tents Just Yet

Not long ago, Apple has officially introduced the highly-awaited iPhone 5, a smartphone that confirms most of the rumors that hit the web over the past few months and spoiled the surprise for us.

Just like everybody anticipated, the new iPhone 5 comes with a 4-inch display with 1,136 x 640 pixels, and a pixel density of 326 ppi. According to Apple, this is better than the displays used for the previous generations, offering better color saturation and “full sRGB rendering.”

Which is 100% true, but come on, Apple, you are not he only one on the market. After seeing some other smartphones that are already available for purchase, I wouldn’t buy a high-end smartphone that doesn’t come with HD display. HTC One X has HD resolution, the same for Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Note and Note 2. Even the good old GNex comes with an HD display. The high-end Windows Phone-powered smartphones, which were considered inferior in terms of technical specifications, now come with HD displays, too. If Apple is innovating why doesn’t the iPhone 5 comes with a display like no other?

Since the new display has a different aspect ratio, now 16:9, it will give the developers real headaches when it comes to adapting their apps to the new resolution and aspect ratio.

Apple and its devs only bothered to update apps like the iWord suite, Garage Band or iMovie, while the other apps in the Apple App Store will still be displayed in 3.5-inch format, with two black stripes in the upper and lower ends of the display. It’s like the apps won’t go in “full screen” until the developers update them.

The new iPhone 5 has a waist of only 7.6 mm, and Apple’s Phil Schiller, senior vice president of worldwide marketing, claims that iPhone 5 is “the thinnest smartphone in the world.” Hey, Mr. Schiller, you’d probably like to hear that Motorola has three smartphones thinner than the “thinnest smartphone in the world” and that Oppo’s Finder is even thinner than Motorola’s RAZRs. I wonder, what would an Apple press conference be without the reality distortion field?

The iPhone 5 will come with an 8 megapixel camera with 5-element lens and f/2.4 aperture which will bring better performance in low light environments. It’s an improvement compared to the previous generation of iPhones, but nothing that its direct competitors can’t cope with. I was hoping that Apple’s boys will bring something revolutionary. Oh, wait, they did. It’s called Panorama. We all know what that is, it’s something like it was indeed interesting a few years ago. Well, there were some third-party apps in App Store that did that on previous iOS versions, but now Apple decided to introduce it as an innovative feature.

As the rumors hinted, Apple also introduced a new connector, which is 5 times thinner than the traditional 30-pin dock connector. To be honest, I think that the new two-sided connector is the coolest and most innovative feature of the new iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5 is powered by a new A6 SoC, which, according to Apple is two times faster and has two times faster graphic processing than the A5 chipset. Even though Apple hasn’t announced whether it’s a dual-core or a quad-core CPU, I am 100% sure that we are talking about a dual-core solution. Why am I so sure about it? Because if it was about a quad-core solution Tim Cook would have screamed “innovation” so loud that even Steve Jobs could hear it from his grave. Hey, Apple, the 2010′s called! They want their processor back!

It looks like Apple doesn’t even bothers to bring something new for us, the customers, as the company’s officials are confident that the iSheeps will make huge lines in front of the Apple Stores in an attempt to get their hands on one of their “innovative” and “revolutionary” products. It’s easier to pay some lawyers and sue others than pay engineers and really bright minds and come up with something that is worth wasting your time for. The conclusion? Apple will sell millions!

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