Sony Is Ready To Work On An Windows Phone 8-powered Xperia Line-up


Sony Is Ready To Work On An Windows Phone 8-powered Xperia Line-up

Even though I stopped believe that Sony will launch its own Windows Phone 8-powered smartphones, the newest rumors coming from the Asian side are saying the contrary.

The first rumors saying that the Japanese of Sony (back then still Sony Ericsson) will unveil a smartphone underpinned by Microsoft’s mobile platform are dating summer of 2010, before Windows Phone officially saw the light of day, and numerous websites have talked about the Sony Julie prototype pictured above. Then everybody went silent and we all though that Sony will not team-up with the Redmond-based software giant.

Anyway, quoting a Sony Mobile UK & Ireland, the guys at MobileMagazine are saying that the Japan-based company is currently in talks with Microsoft over implementing Windows Phone 8 on new terminals that will join the existent Xperia line-up.

My opinion is that, so far, Sony kept itself away from the Windows Phone ecosystem because Microsoft’s operating system comes with Xbox services, the rival of PlayStation, the gaming console developed by the Asians. It would be a bit ridiculous to launch an Xperia smartphone that is PlayStation Certified and has Xbox Live, don’t you think?

Still, considering that are a lot of brands making Playstation Certified smartphones nowadays, Sony might make a compromise in the gaming segment. If Sony builds an Windows Phone 8-powered terminal, it would be a good idea not to make it a part of the Xperia range. It would be quite confusing.

Since we’ve already seen Sony tablets with Windows 8 on board, why wouldn’t the Japanese team-up with Microsoft and develop a handsome smartphone, after all? The Barvia, Exmor R, White Magic and xLOUD technologies will be warmly welcomed by the Windows Phone 8 enthusiasts.

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