HTC Considers Licencing BlackBerry 10 OS


HTC Considers Licencing BlackBerry 10 OS

HTC Sense is equally loved and hated by the fans of the Taiwan-based phone maker. The Sense user interface is both cool and annoying in the same time, and we have to admit that HTC hasn’t came up with innovations in this area for a while. Meanwhile, RIM is working around the clock to change everything about the operating system underpinning its BlackBerry smartphones, the brand new BlackBerry 10 OS.

To be honest, I find the BlackBerry 10 OS quite interesting and it seems that so does HTC, as reports are indicating that the Taiwan-based company doesn’t rule out the inclusion of RIM’s operating system in their future smartphones.

For the time being, HTC is not opposed to the idea of licencing Blackerry 10 OS, therefore we might see some Taiwanese smartphones with Reasearch in Motion’s platform on board. “I don’t have any knowledge but that is not to say we are not looking at it. But from my point of view we are not saying we are closed to a new operating system. We will review each one to make sure it’s the best for our customers,” said HTC’s Director of Product Management for EMEA, Graham Wheeler.

So far RIM had an approach similar to Apple’s. It developed its own software and hardware platforms, without allowing any third-party company to licence its operating system. Still, RIM’s financial problems of the past few years made the company’s officials think over their strategies, therefore the inventors of the BlackBerry are now willing to share their platform with other hardware manufacturers, of course, if the right offer comes in.

If HTC decides to licence BlackBerry 10 OS, then the Asians will have to cope with the RIM terminals running on BB 10, making it harder for them to mach or oversell.

HTC became a popular brand mostly over the last few years mostly because of its terminals running on Android, and I don’t believe the company will ditch Google’s operating system anytime soon. Still HTC’s popularity is dropping and the Asian phone maker is seeking new ways to lure in the consumers.

Rumor has it HTC is pretty busy at the moment, as the company is readying three new Windows Phone 8 smartphones that will debut at an event scheduled for September 19th. It seems though that HTC is also exploring other OS opportunities, as well, so don’t be too surprised if you hear that HTC is interested in Tizen or Jolla.

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