Apple To Update New iPad’s Retina Display


Apple To Update New iPad’s Retina Display

According to DisplaySearch, Apple is planning to update its iPad 3 by reducing the device’s weight and making other enhancements. This will be possible by improving the Retina display. In comparison with the old Retina, the new one would be lighter and will have an improved LED backlight apparatus.

Richard Shim, one of DisplaySearch’s analysts, says that Apple is currently working with panel makers to obtain a screen that will allow a thinner device, but with a battery that would last longer. However, this may happen or it may not, as the supply chain is very dynamic and full of vagaries. In other words, plans can get changed.

DisplaySearch posted a research note a week ago. The note was about the updated iPad Retina and was referring to the fact that Apple has been working with the LCD supply chain to improve the display of the third-generation iPad. The company was aiming to replace some of the display’s components and refine the thermal solution in order to make it thinner and lighter. The process would include using an IGZO display. There are several companies that could manufacture the screen, but the most likely one would be Samsung.

If the news is true and the guys from DisplaySearch are not mistaken the Apple will begin production in October and come out with around 7 million updated Retina iPads. However, this would be a strange move for the company because it usually waits about a year before launching a new version of the iPad Retina. The current one was announced in March 2012. Another highly expected device produced by Apple is the iPad Mini which is said to be released this fall. The new tablet, which is supposed to rival Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Google’s Nexus 7,  will feature an IPS 7.85-inch display.

Among the companies in the Apple supply chain firms are Sharp, TPK, Wintek, Corning, Japan Display, Samsung, Radiant,  LG Display, Coretronic, AUO, Chimei Innolux, and Foxconn.

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