iPhone 5 Gets Pictured Next To Samsung Galaxy S3, iPhone 4S And Oppo Finder


iPhone 5 Gets Pictured Next To Samsung Galaxy S3, iPhone 4S And Oppo Finder

iPhone 5, the Apple terminal that will debut next Wednesday during a conference in San Francisco, is fully assembled and compared to iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Oppo Finder.

The latter one, Oppo Finder is the world’s thinnest smartphone, so it’s there to allow us to see how skinny the new iPhone 5 will be.

The comparison with the other two terminals, iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S3, aims to give us a some hints about the design of the iPhone 5 ahead of the official launch event.

Talking about iPhone 5′s design, you can easily see that the SIM drawer is smaller, the edges have a different color and the rest of the changes we’ve already talked about in previous articles are still there.

What do we know so far about the new iPhone 5? We know that it will come with a bigger display, reportedly a 4-inch unit manufactured on in-cell technology, allowing the company to make the terminal thinner than its predecessors. We also know that it will come with a smaller 8 or 9-pin dock connector, similar to the microUSB standard and that the 3.5 mm jack have been repostioned to the the bottom edge of the device.

It seems that the Apple designers also chose to repostion the FaceTime camera, as it now lays in the top-center of the front panel. The back lid will be two-tone now, a reminiscent of the first generation iPhone. Some sources are indicating that the display will now have a 16:9 aspect ratio and that the smartphone will arrive with 1 GB of RAM.

Regarding the processing unit of the iPhone 5, some say that it will come with a brand new A6 dual-core SoC, while I strongly believe that it will come with the A5X chip of the iPad 3. This is an educated guess based on the previous Apple product launches.

Apple made a habit out of squeezing the iPad processors into their new iPhones: the iPhone 4 packed the single-core A4 processor of the first iPad, the iPhone 4S came with the dual-core A5 SoC of the iPad 2, therefore the iPhone 5 could boast iPad 3′s LTE-friendly A5X chipset.

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