Amazon Smartphone Confirmed By Sources, Release Date Could Be Today


Amazon Smartphone Confirmed By Sources, Release Date Could Be Today

Today, Amazon is supposed to unveil its new devices. However, information about the updated Kindle Fire and the brand new Kindle e-reader has leaked. Nevertheless, it seems that this is not all and the company has one more surprise for the general public, a mobile phone.

According to The Verge, website that cites several sources, Amazon has been developing a smartphone of its own that is supposed to run on a version of the operating system of the Kindle Fire which is Android-based. It seems like the smartphone will be announced today along with the rest of Amazon’s new gadgets.

The sources say that the phone is still in development, thus even if Amazon will announce it, the details about it will be pretty vague. However, at this moment it is expected to run a forked version of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich just like the new tablets. Also, Nokia Maps will be included as the location solution because Google Maps can’t be used on forked Android. Plus, Nokia announced that it will have a strong mapping partner at the company’s Windows Phone event.

For more information, visit us tomorrow after Amazon’s big event when we will give you more details about the two new tablets and the mobile phone, if the cited sources are right.

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