The “Real iPhone 5″ Boots Up Next To iPhone 4S In A Video Comparison


The “Real iPhone 5″ Boots Up Next To iPhone 4S In A Video Comparison

On September 12th Apple will host a press event in San Francisco were the iPhone 5 will be unveiled. Even though the Cupertino-based only confirmed the event and not the products that will be unveiled there, we all know that the next iPhone is on its way.

A Chinese website reputed for its unreleased Apple product leaks, posted a video with the new iPhone 5 head to head with its predecessor, the iPhone 4S.

It seems that, after all, Apple might keep the design of the leaked iPhone 5 cases for the final product. Therefore, the iPhone 5 could feature a bigger display, with higher resolution, will be taller and thinner than its successors. Summing up, the next-gen iOS-powered smartphone will be an evolution rather than an evolution.

In the video below you can see what it seems to be the “real iPhone 5″ booting up next to an iPhone 4S. Still, this could be a very good fake iPhone 5 created based on the rumors and leaks that made the headlines over the past few months.

The official details and confirmation is just one week away and we will be able to see then whether Samsung and the other smartphone manufacturers will have to fear the power of the new Apple terminal.

The video also reveals how fast the iPhone 5 boots up compared to its predecessor. You know how strict Apple is in its attempts to keep its products secret, so if the video is real there must be some real stir at the headquarters in Cupertino.

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