Mozilla Launches Firefox OS Marketplace, Has 200 Apps


Mozilla Launches Firefox OS Marketplace, Has 200 Apps

Mozilla have officially announced its own mobile operating system is in the works at Mobile World Congress 2012 event in February. The company’s project was initially known as Boot to Geck, but it seems that it will hit the market as Firefox OS.

Mozilla has received support from big names of the telecommunications industry, but also from several hardware manufacturers. I assume that Mozilla is working around the clock to launch the operating system as soon as possible, and officials’ statements were suggesting that the first smartphones will come at an affordable price.

Anyway, it is premature to speculate how the final product will look like, as all we’ve got so is the screenshot above. The launch of the first smartphones running on Firefox OS will take place in early 2013, and ZTE will be one of the first manufacturers to launch a terminal running on Mozilla’s platform.

Until the operating system is ready, the guys at Mozilla decided to launch the Firefox Marketplace that packs almost 200 applications.

Firefox OS Marketplace will compete against more popular app stores like Google Play, App Store, Nokia Store, or Windows Phone Marketplace. The company brought a simple, minimalist design, focusing on the important features of the store. For the time being all the apps available in Firefox Marketplace are free, but payed apps will probably appear soon, and Mozilla will have to implement a more complex solution.

What the smartphone market needs at the moment is an operating system that focuses on speed, simplicity and functionality. That’s the only way Firefox will be able to succeed on a competitive environment.

The applications in Firefox Marketplace will also be available for the users of the web browser. Still, in order to get a first look at the new application store, you will have to download and install Firefox 16 Nightly, which can be grabbed from here.

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