iPhone 5 Covers Showcased At IFA Berlin 2012


iPhone 5 Covers Showcased At IFA Berlin 2012

The month of September can be considered a milestone for the world of tech: the new iPhone / iPhone 5 will be unveiled soon, Nokia will unveil its first Windows Phone 8 smartphones at Nokia World event and Motorola will reportedly introduce an terminal with edge-to-edge display.

The rumor mill says that the Apple smartphone will come with a slightly bigger display, 4-inch, more powerful processor, 4G LTE support, a camera with a better sensor and superior image quality, all these being skinnier than its successors.

Even though the iPhone 5 wasn’t officially announced, an accessories manufacturer decided it would be a good occasion to showcase the covers for the next-gen Apple smartphone at IFA Berlin 2012 trade show.

To be honest, I don’t know if I should believe the covers are made exactly for the smartphone that will be unveiled on September 12th. We all know that Apple tries its best to keep the iPhone 5 secret and I find it hard to believe that the Cupertino-based company have provided the accessories manufacturers with the real dimensions of the smartphone. That would be some leak.

The cases in the gallery bellow reveal that the shape of the new iPhone 5 will be similar to the one of its successor, a sort of taller iPhone 4S. The hole for the camera is way bigger than what we’ve seen before, therefore the new smartphone might come with a bigger LED flash.

As you probably know, sources are indicating that the new iPhone 5 will be launched on September 12th during an Apple press event in San Francisco, then it will arrive in the stores on September 21st. Therefore there are less then two weeks until the iPhone 5 will be officially revealed and we will know all the details about the new Apple product.

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