Nexus 7 3G Release Date Is Mid-October, Say Reports


Nexus 7 3G Release Date Is Mid-October, Say Reports

Not much time has passed since Google launched its Nexus 7 tablet, but rumor has it that the company is preparing to release a 3G-compatible version. According to MoDaCo, website that cites a source, Asus (the company that manufacture Google’s tablets) is already preparing for the launch of the 3G device which is reportedly due for October 2012. Again, I must say that the news is only speculative, but it would be very interesting to see another Nexus 7 tablet released so soon.

Since June when the Nexus 7 was launched, the tablet has sold very well. Plus, some analysts have predicted  that Google might sell almost 8 million units by the end of this year. The numbers were not expected even by Google.

The feedback received from reviewers and users was mostly good, but many of them have complains about the lack of 3G connectivity and adding it would be an important improvement for all users making the Nexus 7 more appealing, no matter which country the customers are. Besides, adding 3G connectivity, there are no other rumors about additional hardware tweaks such as LTE.

If the rumors are indeed true, then the 3G device will probably be sold unlocked as Google is unlikely to form a partnership with any of the carriers.

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