iPad Mini To Be As Thin As The iPod Touch Courtesy Of GF2 Technology


iPad Mini To Be As Thin As The iPod Touch Courtesy Of GF2 Technology

A few weeks ago some rumors appeared saying that the new iPad Mini will be as thin as the current generation of iPod Touch players, and now Ming-Chi Kuo analyst claims that the a new technology popularly known as GF2 is behind this revolution.

GF Ditto is the real name of the technology and it replaces the G/G touch structure, currently used by Apple to produce the touch panels of the New iPad. Courtesy of GF2, Apple will be able to considerably reduce the thickness of the tablet’s display and will be able to launch the skinniest touch panel ever produced for a commercial tablet.

Of course the manufacturing process of the new display will cause some problems, thus Apple’s partners might have some head aches producing enough panels for the launched scheduled for October, but, of course, Apple will make sure enough iPad Mini units will be shipped in order to fulfill the market demand.

The same analyst says that the 7.85-inch iPad Mini will sport an HD front-facing camera and a primary camera with a 5 megapixel sensor, probably the same iSight solution on the iPad 3. We will be able to figure out how accurate the prediction were only in October, when Apple will reportedly debut their 7.85-inch slate.

Meanwhile the guys at Giga.de have posted a physical mock-up of the iPad Mini based on the rumors that hit the tech websites over the past few months. It seems though that the German website have’t taken into consideration Ming-Chi Kuo and build an iPad Mini mock-up that it’s only slightly thinner than the iPhone 4S. You can see the pictures in the gallery below.

Rumor has it that the new 7.85-inch iPad Mini will come with iPad 2′s technical specifiactions, therefore we might see a dual-core A5 SoC paired with 512 MB of RAM and 16/32/64 GB of internal storage. As you probably guessed the iPad Mini is Apple’s response to Amazon’s and Google’s cheap tablets, the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7, respectively, both priced $199.

Since the Cupertino-based company wants to penetrate the 7-inch tablet market it is bound to come up with an affordable solution, and the rumors are saying that the 7.85-inch iOS-powered tablet will be priced around $250 – 300.

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