Amazon Won’t Release A 10-inch Kindle Fire 2 Rival For iPad


Amazon Won’t Release A 10-inch Kindle Fire 2 Rival For iPad

It looks like there won’t be any more rumors about Amazon releasing a 10-inch tablet that could rival the iPad. Amazon will announce two Kindle Fire models the following week, but both of them are 7-inchers. It seems that one of the tablets with be an updated version of the original and the other one will sport brand new hardware.

The company wants to keep its strategy with the new Kindle Fire models on the same small-sized tablets market. According to some sources, the rumors saying that Amazon will release a bigger tablet are false, and the company will only launch a new 7-inch Kindle Fire and another one that received an upgrade from the previous version. The event will take place next week.

Amazon’s future in the tablet market depends on how will users receive the new products. The circumstances are different from the first time Amazon has launched the Kindle Fire because, back then, its was the only device if its kind (in terms of price). Now, it’s much harder because Amazon has to compete with Google’s Nexus 7 which is similar to the Kindle Fire, not to mention the iPad Mini which is rumored to be released in the Future.

Amazon entered the tablet market last year with the Kindle Fire. It was a decent device, but the customers liked one of its feature in particular: its price tag that was $199. It was the first time a company released a tablet that could be affordable for anyone. Apart from the small price tag, the Kindle Fire also provided access to Amazon Prime content. This, plus the fact that the tablet was present on many online retailer’s home page made the Kindle Fire to be one of the most sold mobile products on the market.

I know its sounds weird, but Amazon doesn’t get its profit off the tablet itself like most other companies. The tablet is used more like a shopwindow that people carry wherever they go. The result is pretty impressive as the customers buy a lot of other Amazon products like books, DVDs, etc. Customers ordering stuff via the Kindle Fire is where Amazon makes up the difference, thus the company can afford to sell tablets at low price.

The problem appeared when Google launched the Nexus 7 also at $199., hence the price tag was no longer an advantage. However, there is always room for two competitors.

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