Nokia Preparing Lumia 610 Successor With Windows Phone 7.8 On Board


Nokia Preparing Lumia 610 Successor With Windows Phone 7.8 On Board

Even though we don’t know whether the smartphone will be introduced at the Nokia World event scheduled for September 5th, a potential successor of Lumia 610 proves that the Finnish phone maker hasn’t forgot about its customers with low budgets.

We’ve heard a lot of rumors about Nokia Lumia 820 and 920, two smartphones that will reportedly debut next Wednesday at Nokia World, and now some details about a new low-end Nokia Windows Phone model surfaced. The rumor mill talks about Nokia Glory, which will be the successor of Lumia 610, therefore a smartphone with modes technical specifications and Windows Phone 7.8 on board.

I remind you that on September 5th Nokia will unveil its next-generation of Lumia smartphones, with a PureView camera phone among them. The source that revealed the details about Nokia Glory claims that the handset will not debut at Nokia World 2012, but sometime later, around the Christmas holidays.

Nokia Glory will supposedly arrive with a 4-inch display, 256 MB of RAM and 800 MHz processor, therefore Nokia will be able to cover all the popular display size segments for mobile devices, especially that there are speculations indicating that the Finns are working on 4.5 and 4.3 inch terminals, as well.

The be honest Nokia Lumia 900′s display seemed a bit too big for what Windows Phone 7.5 offered and Microsoft’s mobile platform is the kind of OS that does an excellent job on smaller smartphones. Models like Lumia 610 and its successors will be boost for Nokia’s sales on the emergent markets, courtesy of its low price, thus I guess the rumors are true after all.

The new Glory will come pre-loaded with Windows Phone 7.8 and the processing power will be delivered by a single-core 800 MHz CPU, technical specifications that place the device in the low-end segment. The new terminal will arrive on the store shelves around the winter holidays, but, for the time being, there’s no information available regarding its price.

If Nokia Glory is launched at a really low price and the Windows Phone 7.8 experience will be smooth, this terminal could be exactly what Nokia needs in order to round their profits.

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