iPhone 5 Gets Compared To iPhone 4 And iPhone 3GS


iPhone 5 Gets Compared To iPhone 4 And iPhone 3GS

If you are not among those fed up with the rumors regarding the new iPhone 5, you should know that the event everyone expected happened not long ago. No, the iPhone 5 was not launched, but it leaked on the web “in one piece.”

The new iPhone 5 hit the web in a rather authentic iteration that would most likely be identical with the smartphone we will see Tim Cook holding on September 12th.

The news, already covered by many of the online publications, talk about a fully assembled iPhone 5. That’s a major improvement compared to the leaked ports, jacks, dock connectors, USB cables and front panel we’ve seen so far. As well, it’s the first time we see the new iPhone 5 next to an iPhone 3G and an iPhone 5.

The pictures published by a French blog reveal that the iPhone 5 will be skinnier and taller than the previous generations. The pictures show a revised Home button and a smaller dock connector with the size of a microUSB.

According to the UK-based website, MobileFun, the new Apple smartphone will be only 7.6 mm thick, compared to the the 9.3 mm of iPhone 4S. Moreover, it will be taller, 123.8 mm compared to 115.2 and will be as wide as the current model. The next-generation iPhone will reportedly sport a 4-inch Retina display with 1,136 x 640 pixels.

Anyway, we’d recommend you to look at these pictures with a pinch of salt, no matter the number of publications covering the subject and no matter how big or small the watermarks are. Forgetting about the rather questionable provenience of the pictures, the product itself, real or not, is created based on the rumors and speculations that made the headlines over the last few months.

Even though we can’t tell yet whether the iPhone 5 will sport a NFC chip or not, and we don’t know the what SoC will be used for the next iOS-powered smartphone, my opinion is that’s how the Apple terminal will look like. Still, I believe that Apple has one or two things it kept for surpising us at the launch event. There are only two weeks to go.

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