Apple Suppliers Begun Shipping The 4-inch iPhone 5 Displays


Apple Suppliers Begun Shipping The 4-inch iPhone 5 Displays

The LG and Sharp execs have confirmed that the production of the 4-inch displays that will be fitted inside the new iPhone 5 started earlier this month and it seems that the first units have already been shipped to Foxconn where they will be installed on the device.

Besides Sharp and LG, Japan Display also manufactures touch panels for the iPhone 5, but only the last two suppliers have begun the sipping of the displays. It seems that Sharp has problems with mass producing the 4-inch touch panels using the in-cell technology, and for the time being the Japan-based company is working on solving the issues. It was reported that Sharp will fix the problems and start shipping the first displays in September.

Therefore, if the rumors are accurate and the first displays have already been shipped to Foxconn and if the rest of the iPhone 5 components are already in the Chinese factory, then about 200,000 can be assembled each day.

Sources are indicating that Apple will introduce the iPhone 5 on September 12th. The Apple will start accepting pre-orders on the launch date, and the smartphone will hit the stores on September 21st.

If Apple plans a global launch for its new iPhone, then the Cupertino-based company will need between 4 – 8 million units to arrive on the store shelves, considering that last year, when the iPhone 4S was launched, 4 million terminals have been sold in the first weekend prior to the launch.

Even though lots of iPhone 5 components have leaked on the web over the past couple of months, like the display, front panel, camera, NFC chip, and 9-pin dock connector, we still don’t know what CPU will be hidden inside the device.

Based on the previous Apple product launches pattern, it’s of common sense to believe that the iPhone 5 will sport iPad 3′s dual-core A5X processor. Apple is usually placing the iPad SoCs inside its new iPhones, as the iPhone 4 arrived with iPad’s single-core A4 chip, the iPhone 4S was underpinned by iPad 2′s dual-core A5 CPU, so the iPhone 5 might arrive with the LTE-friendly A5X processor introduced with the New iPad.

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