iPad Mini Spotted In Instapaper Logs, Sports Dual-core A5 CPU


iPad Mini Spotted In Instapaper Logs, Sports Dual-core A5 CPU

iPad Mini wasn’t announced yet, but this doesn’t mean that the Apple engineers aren’t messing around with the tablet testing various apps from App Store and fixing bugs.

It seems that the guys testing some new Apple products have installed the popular Instagram app. Two new iPad models which are not available on the market yet have been spotted in Instapaper’s logs. The developer of the application claims that iPad 2,5, iPad 2,6 and iPhone 5,1 are the codenames he discovered. The iPhone 5 is definitely on Apple’s test table, as it will be announced on September 12th, but what about the mysterious iPad models?

Moreover, it seems that the rumors saying that the iPad Mini will share iPad 2′s hardware specifications. But how were we able to figure out which will be the specs of the new Apple tablet? Well, iPad 2,1, 2,2 and 2,3 are the first iPad 2 models WiFi/GSM/CDMA, the model launched in 2012 is codenamed iPad 2,4 sporting a processor built on 32nm architecture. Therefore iPad 2,5 and iPad 2,6 are two new tablets that will join the line-up. The New iPad is identified as iPad 3,x, while all the iPad 2 models are codenamed 2,x and come packed with the A5 chipset, therefore, the 7.85-inch iPad Mini might actually share iPad 2′s hardware.

Since the new Apple iOS-powered tablet will come with the iPad 2′s technical specifications, the iPad Mini will sport the A5 chip with dual-core processor clocked at 1 GHz (very efficient when it comes to battery power management), 512 MB of RAM and probably a 4G LTE chip borrowed from the iPad 3 / iPhone 5, but the latter feature seems very unlikely to me.

For the time being only the WiFi and GSM versions of the iPad Mini have been discovered, but a CDAM model is definitely in the works. Basically, this discovery proves that Apple will now fit completely new hardware inside the new iPad, but recycle technologies that are more than one year old, all these in an attempt to keep the production costs as low as possible.

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