Things Are About To Change, Says Nokia’s Latest Teaser


Things Are About To Change, Says Nokia’s Latest Teaser

IFA Berlin 2012,  one of world’s leading trade shows for consumer electronics, is about to kick off, but Nokia said no, and prepared their own event on September 5th. That’s were we should be able to see the first Windows Phone 8 Nokia smartphones, which will probably make the commercial debut in October - November 2012 time frame.

Nokia have uploaded the new teaser video on their official YouTube channel, in an attempt to arouse our interest with a new motto: “Things are about to change.” Of course Nokia probably wants to say that the smartphone ecosystem “is about to change” once its Windows Phone 8 smartphones are hitting the market.

Nokia is still bleeding on the smartphone market where Apple then Samsung outshipped them. The company’s last hope is Microsoft Windows Phone 8, which will probably mark the debut of the first dual-core Nokia smartphones.

It all depends on how Nokia and Microsoft will work together to provide the best Windows Phone 8 gadgets, as, in my opinion, there’s no other hope for the Finland-based company. You you believe Nokia still has the power to change anything?

Apple will launch the new iPhone / iPhone 5 in September, Samsung will unveil Galaxy Note 2 later today, while LG prepared a super smartphone, LG Optimus G. The smartphone segment is more mature and more varied than ever. Oh, I forgot to mention about ZTE or Huawei as both companies are preparing for a global offensive. I would feel really sorry to see a brand like Nokia leaving the world of phones through the back door.

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