Windows Phone 8 Nokia Smartphone With Quad-Core CPU And HD Display Leaked


Windows Phone 8 Nokia Smartphone With Quad-Core CPU And HD Display Leaked

There are less than two weeks separating us from the debut of Nokia World 2012, the event scheduled for September 5th, where the first Nokia terminals running on Windows Phone 8 will be introduced. Some new details regarding the WP8 smartphones manufactured by Nokia have hit the web lately, ahead of the launch event.

The picture above shows a new Nokia model, with a rectangular case and apparently underpinned by a quad-core processor. Well, at leas that’s what sources are indicating.

The same source claims that the Nokia smartphone features a display with HD resolution and that is running on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8. As about me, I am a bit intrigued by the design language used for this alleged Nokia device. So far, the Finns have opted for an elegant and slim design for their modern terminals, while a thick and rectangular device doesn’t fit their design language.

Secondly, it’s that grille, port or whatever it its, that lays on the top end of the device, that looks like nothing I’ve seen before. Is it a new type of HDMI port, or a new speaker or a new USB dock connector?

Least, but not last, I can’t help but notice the little round holes on the upper left edge of the device, looking a lot like a speaker, which would make this model a veritable music phone.

Rumor has it that the leaked Windows Phone 8-powered Nokia smartphone is that thick because the Finland-based company have included a PureView camera, but, as always, I would recommend you to be a bit skeptical about the picture, as it might be just a mock-up or a concept.

Anyway, on September 5th we will see how the first Lumia smartphones running on Windows Phone 8 really look like!

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