New iPhone 5 Leaked Photos Reveal NFC Chip


New iPhone 5 Leaked Photos Reveal NFC Chip

The iPhone 5 leaked parts are a part of the daily dose of rumors about unreleased terminals. This time we are talking about an alleged iPhone 5 fully assembled front panel that unveils one of the smartphone’s new chips: the NFC.

The pictures were uploaded on a Photobucket account and it seems that the new smartphone will have NFC support, a premiere for the Apple terminals.

In the gallery below you can take a look at the front panel of the new iPhone 5, revealing a square part with EMI cover, which might be the Near Field Communication chip. The guys at Macotakara are confirming the identity of the part, while AppleInsider writes that its size matches the 5 x 5 mm chips manufactured by NXP.

NXP is the company that provides the NFC chips for Samsung, used for the terminals belonging to the Galaxy line-up. Apparently, the NFC chips of the Sony smartphones are manufactured by the same company.

The part is located in the upper right corner of the device, in the right of the re-positioned FaceTime camera. That’s were the 3.5 mm audio jack used to be located, but Apple moved it to the bottom of the device, next to the new 8-pin dock connector. The position of the NFC is identical with the one described by Apple in a patent related to NFC standards.

Of course, we might as well look at shopped pictures, but the same Photobucket account held some details about the new iPad, ahead of its launch. All of them were accurate, as this was the source that revealed that the iPad 3 will be thicker than its predecessor.

I can’t help but notice that all the iPhone 5 details we thought are just rumors are confirmed by this new set of pictures, from the new position of the front-facing camera to the taller body. So far, the technical specifications of iPhone 5 look like this: 4-inch display, iOS 6.0, LTE, NFC, Retina resolution, 16 GB of internal storage and probably 1 GB of RAM. It does sounds good, isn’t it?

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