Samsung Teases Windows 8-powered Tablet – Notebook Hybrid


Samsung Teases Windows 8-powered Tablet – Notebook Hybrid

Samsung is readying a tablet – notebook hybrid device that will be underpinned by Microsoft’s Windows 8. The device will be most likely unveiled at IFA event, scheduled to debut this week in Berlin.

The IFA 2012 Berlin consumers electronics show will open its gates on August 31st, an event where new Sony smartphones, the Galaxy Note 2 phablet and new tablets and notebooks will be showcased.

Besides the teaser for the Unpacked event dedicated to Note 2, Samsung have recently posted another teasing clip, a bit more artistic one, which presents what it seems to be an Windows 8 notebook.

It might actually be a tablet with a docking station, which can be easily transformed into a notebook, using a keyboard. What’s sure is that the terminal is running on Windows 8 and that the teaser video below makes use of some of Da Vinci’s sketches, centuries-old thooted wheels and mechanisms and some graphic effects reminiscent of Microsoft Surface’s commercial. We are probably talking about the Samsung Series 5 tablet, with aluminum back case, round edges and a stylus.

The Samsung Series 5 concept was demoed at Computex 2012 and this might be the final product. I see in this product an alternative to Asus Tablet 600; a Samsung tablet with Galaxy Note 10.1 elements plus a dock-in keyboard, similar to the one used by Asus Transformer slates. I don’t even want to think how expensive a combo like this will be, especially that it might cost as much as a new ultrabook.

Meanwhile, a photo of the new Samsung gadget was uploaded on company’s official Facebook page, but the South Korea-based tablet maker have unveiled no extra clues.

All we know for sure is that the device will run on Windows 8 and that it will sport a 10 to 11-inch display that can be pulled out from the docking station to be used as a tablet.

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