iPad Mini Name Confirmed, iPod Nano To Come With WiFi, iPod Touch To Sport NFC Chip


iPad Mini Name Confirmed, iPod Nano To Come With WiFi, iPod Touch To Sport NFC Chip

After we’ve found out earlier today that the Apple’s 7.85-inch tablet will be launched in October, a month after the new iPhone 5 is officially introduced, some sources are confirming that the tablet’s real name is indeed iPad Mini.

It’s obvious that the month of September will bring the most powerful iPhone so far, while Apple will launch the iPad Mini – a smaller and cheaper brother of the popular iPad, developed to compete on the 7-inch tablet segment, along with models like Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire.

The next-generation iPhone and the new iPad tablet will be unveiled at two separate events, scheduled for September 12th and October, respectively. By presenting the two products at different events, Apple makes sure that the consumers will concentrate on one product at a time, while getting maximum exposure from the media.

The international press have called the 7.85-inch Apple tablet the iPad Mini, but Apple might change the device’s name by the time it hits the market. Anyway, Macotakara‘s sources are confirming that the US-based company will keep the iPad Mini name.

Besides the iPad Mini name confirmation, the Japanese publication also writes that Apple will also launch a new iPad 3 version, that comes with an 8/9-pin dock connector, but, for me, this too hard to believe.

As about the iPod Nano, you should know that Apple plans to update this product in October or September, by implementing an WiFi chip.

This new feature will allow the users to buy music online, directly from iTunes, and probably access the iCloud and iTunes Match system, that provides online music streaming while on WiFi.

This is the first time when rumors talking about Apple implementing WiFi to their iPod Nano are hitting the web, thus we should be a bit skeptical about this one.

Least, but not last, we find out that the iPod Touch will sport an iSight camera, the 5 megapixel sensor available on the iPad 3, but also a NFC chip.

The whole you can see in the leaked iPod Touch case pictured above was implemented to allow the owners to make use of the NFC feature of the device, and some reports are indicating that iPhone 5 will also come with NFC support.

Summing up, the months of September and October will be busy for the Cupertino-based company, but also for the brand’s fanboys, who will once more form huge lines in an attempt to be the first to get their hands on Apple’s new products.

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