OwnFone, World’s First Personalized Mobile Phone


OwnFone, World’s First Personalized Mobile Phone

In opposition to the smartphones that are becoming more and more sophisticated, a UK-based company has launched the OwnFone, a terminal whose only feature is to dial contacts programmed and stored in the cloud.

Even though the trend is to acquire hybrid devices that combine a large number of features, the new OwnFon is the “living proof” that it’s a device created against the stream.

The phone introduced in Great Britain dazzles with its simplicity. It has the dimensions of a credit card and you can configure up to 12 contacts before ordering the device. You can choose up to 12 phone numbers to set as favorite dial contacts, each on a dedicated button. That’s it.

The phone pictured above is as efficient as it is simple. It doesn’t come with loads of features and this is OwnFone’s ace up the sleeve. Being extremely compact, can be handled and used by owners at any age, mostly because it has very few buttons. It looks like the OwnFone was developed to help you call only the important persons in your life.

With a maximum of 12 contacts displayed on the device, it’s worth knowing that OwnFone doesn’t come with a standard keyboard or a screen of any kind. Even so, you can visually customize it before making the purchase, by choosing between several colors, styles and patterns.

As you probably guessed, we are talking about a cheap phone, created as an alternative to the terminals squeezing your wallet. Since it looks good you can use it as a back-up for your iPhone, or when you run out of battery. It’s an interesting idea, but, for the time being, the OwnFone is available exclusively in UK for a mere £55.

If you decide to get your hands on the OwnFone, you can head to the company’s official website and personalize a device that suits your needs. The phone has a printable case, similar to the way a DVD’s face is printed, and allows you to choose from two, four, eight or twelve contacts layout, customizable with colors and patterns.

We could easily say that the British company have designed the perfect phone for the children and the elders. The OwnFone is also perfect to those who travel a lot, as a plan B device when your smartphone’s battery died and there’s no outlet nearby.

The OwnFone is only 7 mm thick, has the size of a credit card and weighs in only 40 grams. The integrated battery can keep the phone awake for up to three days.

OwnFone is available exclusively in Great Britan and Ireland, and the company that developed the phone also provides mobile network solutions. The device is available with one of the three plans with and has a price of £55.

Those who want to receive the calls from another phone number can redirect their calls to the OwnFone.

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